System and portfolio approaches toolkit

This is an evolving repository of practical portfolio-design toolkits that emerged from our own experience working with governments and other partners in over 45 countries. We hope that these might help as you get started on your journey of discovering new approaches and perspectives. We’re always keen to connect and learn how these resources may be landing in other organisations and context, so do get in touch to let us know about your experience.
System Change: A Guidebook for Adopting Portfolio Approaches

This guidebook is designed to help a broad range of development practitioners prepare for, engage in, and manage systems transformation by using a portfolio approach in complex development spaces.

We developed this guidebook as a way to formalise our process and learnings to date, and leverage them to support others as they initially contemplate — and eventually work towards – the implementation of a portfolio-based approach for addressing complex development challenges in their own context.

It captures the on-the-ground applied learning from a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) sponsored project, conducted throughout Asia-Pacific from October 2019 to September 2021.


Sensemaking Protocol Process

Based on first-hand experience from running Sensemaking workshops for UNDP offices and government partners, the Asia-Pacific Regional Innovation Centre developed the Sensemaking Preparation Guide and Facilitator Guide to share its knowledge with teams and organisations that are interested in using the Sensemaking process.

The Preparation Guide helps teams decide if they should run a Sensemaking workshop, and how to prepare for it. It contains handy checklists, definitions, event formats and templates that you can use to run your own Sensemaking sessions.

The Facilitator Guide walks teams through the process of running a Sensemaking workshop. It contains detailed guidance on each step of the workshop: the agenda, how to run and guide participants through exercises, useful tools, etc.

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