Daniel Everett on the enrichment to be gained from connecting with diversity

Back in the 1970s a linguist and missionary, Daniel Everett, arrived – along with his family – at the isolated Pirahã village in the Lowland Amazonia region. The purpose was clear: spending some time in the jungle, doing the missionary work of bringing the Christian God to the Pirahã people’s lives, and studying their language. But the tribe’s community, their language, behaviour towards one another, and way of perceiving time had a considerably more transformative effect on Everett’s life than he had on theirs.

How can we participate appropriately in complex systems

Excerpt from Designing Regenerative Cultures, a 2016 book by Daniel Wahl In the early 1950s, the Dayak people in Borneo suffered from malaria. The World Health Organisation had a solution: they sprayed large amounts of DDT to kill the mosquitoes that carried the malaria. The mosquitoes died, the malaria declined; so far, so good. But there were […]

First steps to the transformation of tourism in Nepal

Tourism is one of the largest industries in Nepal, but it took a massive hit during the pandemic. What can be done with the “stuck” tourism that influences the livelihoods of so many people and the growth of other sectors? Read the first steps being taken towards the change of tourism in Nepal, identified from […]