Financing systems change

Portfolios help changemakers to shift from a logic of single-point interventions to one of interlinked, meaningful actions for communities – easing the path to long-term transformation. However, the appropriate funding needs to be granted, as a change in development processes is all but impossible if financing schemes remain conventional.

How can we participate appropriately in complex systems

Excerpt from Designing Regenerative Cultures, a 2016 book by Daniel Wahl In the early 1950s, the Dayak people in Borneo suffered from malaria. The World Health Organisation had a solution: they sprayed large amounts of DDT to kill the mosquitoes that carried the malaria. The mosquitoes died, the malaria declined; so far, so good. But there were […]

How a citywide social system relieves women from unpaid care work

How the mayor of Bogotá is creating a citywide social security system to relieve women from unpaid care work

Gabriella Gómez-Mont: “What we cannot imagine, we cannot put into practice.”

How can we make our urban spaces more resilient, inclusive and sustainable?

What makes tourism sustainable?

The pandemic stopped tourism in its tracks across the world. Now that it’s getting back on its feet, learn the options for starting over in a more invigorating and conscious way.